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Guide to Energy Efficient Windows in Edmonton

energy efficient windows edmonton abIn this day and age of high energy prices, any change that we can make to our homes that reduces the amount of energy that we use is an absolute plus. If you are tired of high monthly cooling and heating bills, you should give serious consideration to replacing your windows. New energy efficient windows in Edmonton can have a dramatically beneficial impact on your property's energy performance.

At Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, our Edmonton replacement windows team is here to help you with this entire project. We have the knowledge and experience that you can rely upon for all your energy efficient window related needs.

Call us today if you want to add long term value to your Edmonton home and to reduce the amount of money that you spend keeping your property comfortable. Our courteous staff would be very excited to take your call. Our knowledgeable experts can answer all of your questions. We can schedule your consultation today.

Insulated Glass

One of the primary ways in which new energy efficient windows save you money is through insulated glass. Your windows are a barrier between the interior and exterior of your property. If your windows are poorly insulated, then energy will be transferred between the inside and outside of your home.

In the winter, heat will flow through the window to the outside. The opposite will occur during the summer. By having properly insulated glass, this transfer of energy can be reduced. As a result, the interior of your Edmonton home will be more comfortable on a regular basis and your will spend less money keeping it so.

Low-E Coatings

Another way in which heat is transferred through your windows is via radiant heat. During the summer, the warm air outside your property heats the glass of your window and then transfers into you home. In addition, sunlight and infrared radiation enter your property through the window and heat your interior. This second type of heat is called radiant heat.

In order to combat radiant heat transfer, energy efficient replacement windows have a thin metallic coating on the glass. This low emissivity coating (Low-E) reflects radiant heat. During the summer this keeps heat out of your residence and during the winter it keeps heat in your home.

Choosing the best combination of insulation and low-e coating is difficult on your own. Our Edmonton window replacement professionals can help you select the energy efficient replacement windows that will get you the greatest savings for the investment you make.

If you are looking for an expert for energy efficient windows in Edmonton, AB, then please call 780-577-1118 or complete our online request form.

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