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Offering a Variety of Replacement Windows

At Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, our Edmonton replacement windows team is here to help you vastly improve your home. With our assistance, you can beautify your residence from every vantage point, you can enhance the energy performance of your home, and you can make your property more comfortable and usable. Call us today for all your window replacement needs. We carry a wide selection of amazing designs that can work well in any living space. Our staff would be happy to assist you with selection your new replacement windows, answer your questions, and to schedule your consultation today.

Vinyl Window Replacements

vinyl window replacements edmonton abFor the last 40 years, Canadian Choice Windows & Doors has been serving the Edmonton community. Our specialty, first and foremost, is vinyl window replacements. If your windows are old and unsightly or if you want to improve the energy performance of your home, our highly skilled professionals can help.

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Awning Windows

awning windows edmonton abAwning windows are both highly functional and uniquely beautiful. They are characterized by the fact that the open from the bottom outwards, providing ample ventilation even during slight periods of precipitation. At Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, our Edmonton replacement window contractors can install amazing awning windows on any portion of your property.

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Casement Windows

casement windows edmonton abNew casement windows are a great way to enhance the beauty of any living space within your home. They allow a large amount of light into your rooms. Because the entire window opens, it also provides ultimate ventilation control.

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Bay Windows

bay windows edmonton abBay windows are always a remarkable addition to any living space. They allow a great deal of natural light into the home, so they are perfect for any area in which you want highly architecture or furniture. At Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, our Edmonton bay window installation contractors are here to help you with the entire effort.

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Bow Windows

bow windows edmonton abThere is a great deal of design flexibility when it comes to bow windows. Generally a bow window is composed of anywhere from 4 to 8 panes that form a curve on the exterior of the home. They extend outward from your living spaces, providing a convenient sconce or ledge within the property and an remarkably stunning architectural feature on the outside.

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Sliding Tilt Windows

sliding tilt windows edmonton abSliding tilt windows are one of the best choices for small areas in which you want maximum versatility. Not only do the sashes slide horizontally, but they also can tilt outward to create maximum ventilation. Our Edmonton window replacement contractors specialize in installing high quality, sliding tilt windows for all of our customers.

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Single Hung Windows

single hung windows edmonton abSingle hung windows are by far the most popular window systems on the market. They are highly functional and very beautiful. These window systems are also easy to install and extremely low maintenance. Our Edmonton replacement window contractors specialize in installing single hung window systems.

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Double Hung Windows

double hung windows edmonton abDouble hung windows provide the standard and traditional beauty of vertical sliding windows with the optimal amount of ventilation control. These window systems have two sashes that can be raised or lowered in order to open either the top or bottom of the window. At Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, our Edmonton replacement window contractors carry a wide range of double hung windows.

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Picture Windows

picture windows edmonton abPicture windows are the ideal option for any room in which you want to create a beautiful view. These window systems are also perfect for allowing in the maximum amount of natural light into your living spaces. If there is some exterior property fixture you want visible from the inside of your home or if you want to make a certain room feel more spacious, you should consider installing picture windows in the area.

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End Vent Windows

end vent windows edmonton abEnd vent windows are great for any room in which a wide and highly versatile window system is desired. Generally speaking, end vent window have a large fixed rectangular pane of glass with two smaller sliding or titling sashes on opposite sides. This long window system provides a great deal of natural light and a superior level of ventilation.

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Photos of Replacement Windows We've Installed

If you would like an estimate for replacement windows in Edmonton, Calgary, or the surrounding areas, please call 780-577-1118 or complete our online request form.

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